Philips Dictaphone – DPM8000 Series Digital Pocket Memo

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Latest Philips Dictaphone

3 Models to Choose From

SpeechLive Compatible

Dragon Compatible

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New Philips Dictaphone - DPM 8000 Series Digital Pocket Memo

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The Philips Dictaphone DPM8000 series comes in three models. Choose the model best for you, expand below for detail.

Philips DPM 8000 dictaphone including SpeechExec Pro Dictate Two Year software licence

Philips DPM-8000

Slide-switch operation (record, stop, play, fast rewind)
SpeechExec Pro Dictate workflow software (2-year subscriptions included)



Latest Windows software included, buy this model if you are upgrading from an older digital dictaphone and do not have the latest version (v11) of the Philips SpeechExec software. 

Philips Dictation Machine DPM-8100 excludes SpeechExec Pro Dictate software BYO

Philips DPM-8100


Slide-switch operation (record, stop, play, fast rewind).




No software included, buy this model if you are upgrading from an older digital dictaphone and already have an active SpeechExec Pro Dictate software licence or plan to use your SpeechLive Cloud Author licence.

Philips Dictaphone DPM8500 barcode scanner excludes SpeechExec pro Dictate software

Philips DPM-8500

Slide-switch operation (record, stop, play, fast rewind)

Integrated barcode scanner.



The DPM8500 does not include software, you would need to bring your own SpeechExec Pro Dictate licence. Click here to buy a SpeechExec Pro Dictate two year licence or plan to use your SpeechLive Cloud Author licence.

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The large full-colour display on the Philips DPM 8000 series dictaphone offers crisp sharp images, making it easy to see all settings and functions at a glance. The large user interface is simple to use and understand.

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The groundbreaking 3D microphone technology in the Philips dictaphones use the built-in mics to always deliver the best voice recording results: the omnidirectional microphone gives 360 degree sound pick-up, ideal for the recording of multiple speaker audio like meetings and interviews.

A unidirectional microphone optimised for single speaker digital dictation provides crystal clear audio for your transcription typist. If you use a Speech recognition solution like SpeechLive Voice Recognition or Dragon the audio quality ensures accurate speech-recognition results every time.

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The smooth, quick-response and ergonomic slide switch on the Philips DPM8000 series dictaphones are designed for one-handed operation of all voice recording and playback functions. The slide switch allows the dictation author easy and quick audio file editing (rewind, review, insert, overwrite, append). It operates with a light sensor signal, making it wear-free and durable – no parts to wear out over time.

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Feel the European quality, the Philips dictaphone asymmetrical and ergonomic shape fits perfectly into your hand. The slim and lightweight design maximises comfort, even when working over longer periods of time. The brushed stainless steel case creates a robust and highly durable protective shell around the dictaphone with shock proofing built-in. 

The Philips dictaphone dock provides speedy wire-free charging and automatic transfer of your dictations to your computer.

Lift – Dictate – Dock. When you dock the Philips Dictaphone the SpeechExec Pro Dictate workflow software (included with DPM8000) will automate file collection and send to SpeechLive, via email or to a network/cloud drive to your typist or integrated with Dragon.

Add an optional foot control connected to the dock to enable hands-free recording.

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The high-capacity Li-ion battery (ACC8100) can be easily charged through a standard micro USB jack. The integrated light and motion sensors guarantee extended battery life. The smart technology adjusts the brightness of the display and switches automatically into stand-by mode when the device is idle, ensuring that your Philips Dictaphone will always be ready and powered to work when you are.

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Confidential client/patient dictation audio files can be encrypted in real time using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES or Rijndael Algorithm) with a key length of 256 bits. AES provides a very high degree of security and has been approved in the USA for the most highly classified government information. The device itself can also be configured with a PIN code to protect against unauthorised use or file playback.

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Many dictation authors still love their analog devices for their simplicity and user-friendliness. The optional classic mode gives the user the look and feel of working with an analog device while retaining the advantages of digital technology and keep focused on the essentials. Perfect for those transitioning from analog to digital dictation.

What’s in the box?

  • Your Digital Pocket Memo voice recorder
  • Docking station
  • Memory card
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • Recorder Protective Case
  • SpeechExec Pro Dictation Software (DPM8000 only 2-year subscription included)
  • User manual

Additional information


DPM8000 – Includes SpeechExec Dictate Software, DPM8100 – No Software BYO, DPM8500 Integrated barcode scanner, No software



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