Buy 100 PrePaid Audio Minutes for SpeechLive Voice-to-Text

$43.00 incl. GST

100 Pre-Paid Audio Minutes

For SpeechLive Automated Voice-to-Text

An active SpeechLive Author licence is Required

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SpeechLive Cloud Voice-to-Text Speech Recognition

Buy 100 audio minute blocks of SpeechLive automated voice-to-text voice recognition.

That’s one hour and twenty minutes of audio that will be transcribed for you automatically, fast and accurate.

Buy Renew Philips SpeechLive 1 Year Subscription Licence AustraliaVoice-to-Text audio can be sent directly from your smartphone using the Philips Recorder App for iOS and Android. Or use any Philips, Olympus, Sony digital voice recorder and upload your spoken audio directly to your SpeechLive account via the SpeechLive web portal, audio must be in the audio format .ds2 (with no encryption), .mp3 or .WAV.

Completed text transcripts can be collected from the SpeechLive portal when complete, simply download to your Mac or PC. Optionally the transcribed text can be emailed to you upon completion ready to be forwarded to your typist or for yourself to proofread and format.

Note you can make use of voice prompts for punctuation while dictating, e.g. dictating “comma”, “new line”, “new paragraph”.

For best results always dictate in a quiet environment and speak clearly and concisely.

You can test the SpeechLive voice recognition service for yourself with a free 30-day SpeechLive trial. During the trial you get 100 free minutes to use and test the service out. More details in our SpeechLive trial FAQ – click here



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