SpeechLive 1 Year Subscription Licence

$199.00 incl. GST

Philips SpeechLive Web Dictation and Transcription Solution

Advanced Business Package

  • Online dictation and transcription. No software installation required.
  • 12-month subscription
  • Web player
  • Smartphone dictation app – Philips Recorder (iOS and Android)
  • Online transcription with foot control and headset support
  • Works with Google Chrome (Windows & macOS) and Firefox (Windows)
  • Optional outsourced transcription service built-in, 10 free minutes per month
  • Zapier support to integrate with other cloud apps
  • Optional (per file) automated voice-to-text Speech recognition service, 10 free minutes per month per user
  • Up to 120 users, more available on request
  • 20 GB / 100 000 min secure Australian hosted online storage
  • Workflow with an individual assignment of typists to authors
  • Web recorder for dictation via browser with Philips dictation hardware support
  • Free live speech-to-text (beta)
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Philips SpeechLive Cloud – Simple

Buy or renew your Speech Live Advanced Business Pro licence with Dictate Australia. Free support. 

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01 Record your voice

02 Select your transcription option

  • Your typist or your outsourced transcription service
  • Automated voice-to-text for fast turnaround
  • Philips outsourced transcription typing service

03 Receive

FREE 30-day TRIAL for up to 10 users – dictat.es/speechlive-trial-faq

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Key features


SpeechLive Process workflow diagram - Dictate Australia

Increase your efficiency.

Easily dictate and automatically create a full page of text in only two minutes using your voice and the SpeechLive automated voice-to-text feature. 

Prefer to use a typist? Reserve speech-to-text for urgent dictation, send your audio to SpeechLive for your typist to process, in-house or outsourced transcriptionist.

Focus on your core competencies.

Don’t waste your energy on typing up notes and reports, emailing audio, chasing transcripts. Focus on what you are good at, SpeechLive is a dictation and transcription tool that fits in with you and the way your work.

Work to your schedule, flexible, reliable.

Record digital audio notes whenever and wherever at any time on any day with the Philips Recorder App. From the office, working from home, during consults even on holiday.



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