Philips Dictation Hub 1 Year Licence – Android

$139.00 incl. GST

Professional digital dictation on your Samsung or Google Pixel Android Phone

Record, review or edit then send your audio notes from anywhere at any time.

  • Easy to use app interface with professional dictation & editing functions
  • Priority function
  • Car mode for hands-free dictation
  • File encryption, maximum security for confidential dictation
  • Send dictation in .dss,  .mp3 or .wav audio format
  • Audio compatible with Philips & Olympus transcription software as well as Express Scribe, Genie and many others
  • Sends audio direct to your typist or your outsource transcription service or just to yourself
  • Email or FTP your audio directly from the Philips Recorder App
  • Flexible annual subscription for unlimited dictation recording and sending
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Dictate. Send. Done. Anytime. Anywhere.

The professional Philips Dictation Recorder App for iPhone & Android devices allows you to record, edit and securely send your dictations from anywhere, at any time. The intuitive and user-friendly app, allows you to instantly record your notes, emails, reports, or any other documents and seamlessly integrates itself within your existing dictation workflow. Recordings can be sent off to be processed by a transcriptionist, speech recognition software or Philips dictation workflow solutions such as SpeechExec. Save valuable time and money by reducing turnaround times and become more flexible and productive right away.

Designed for professionals
  • Easy-to-use touch screen control for intuitive operation
  • Advanced editing functions such as; insert, overwrite and append for professional dictation recording control
  • File encryption for maximum security
  • Express Recorder Mode for fast and simple dictation
Enhance your productivity
  • File editing functions for professional recording control
  • Priority setting for processing urgent jobs first
  • Attach photos to your audio files for increased data accuracy
  • Integrated barcode scanner for easy and fast file/case assignment

Philips Dictation Hub is the perfect “send only” mobile dictation solution – perfect for sending to your transcription typist, 3rd party outsourced transcription services or just to yourself to run through Dragon or to just store your audio notes with your client or patient files.  If you would prefer a complete end-to-end cloud-based solution that provides two-way complete visibility between author and typist, includes professional workflows, can automate voice-to-text for your selected audio files we recommend considering SpeechLive Cloud Dictation / Transcription Solution.

Philips Dictation Hub service is a 12-month subscription per device (transferable).





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