Philips Speechlive App v1.8.1 – FaceID Security Added

Philips Speechlive app Australia FaceID v1.8.1

Philips have just released an update to their Philips Speechlive app on the iOS app store adding a much-requested security feature, FaceID

Now when you open your Philips Speechlive app on your iPhone rather than enter your Philips SpeechID (email and password combination) you can enable, via the settings in the app, to use the built-in security on your iPhone. If you use FaceID that will be enabled, if you use a password instead to access your iPhone you will get the password prompt instead.


Philips Speechlive – Australia’s Leading Cloud Dictation & Workflow Solution

Philips Speechlive has cemented itself as the go-to dictation and transcription workflow for Australian legal and medical companies. Cloud hosted in Australia (Victoria) and ticking all the security boxes required when dealing with confidential client or patient dictation the Philips Speechlive solution makes both dictation via the Speechlive app or transcription via any internet connected computer to choice for a truly mobile workforce.

Philips Speechlive Australia iOS app security settings

To enable the native in-built security on your iPhone to login to your Philips SpeechID in your Speechlive app simply click the settings (cog wheel) icon in the top left corner when you open the app.

Then just enable “Activate security prompt”. Next time you open the Philips Speechlive app your phone will utilise the built-in security that you have enabled, either a passcode or Face ID to login to the app.

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