Looking for reliable ad-hoc or full-time Transcription Services? Try Philips Speechlive

What is Philips Speechlive Transcription Services Australia

Transcription Services for Digital Dictation, Meetings & Interviews

Philips Speechlive is a cloud based dictation and transcription solution that is revolutionising and modernising not only the traditional dictation space (think doctors and lawyers) but also students, bloggers, vloggers, journalists, engineers, real-estate agents, financial planners in fact any job that requires the recording and conversion of digitally recorded voices to text.

Outsourced Transcription Services Must Have


Your audio and your document must be secured at every step of the transcription services process using industry standard encryption and data storage.


You must know in advance the expected turnaround time for your audio to be converted to text. No surprises or delays.

Predictive Cost

Based on the length of your audio and the number of people speaking you must know the cost before you submit the audio for transcription. No cost surprises after the fact.


The only way to ensure accuracy is to use real-people, trained transcription services professionals, to listen to and transcribe your audio. Your audio should not be sent to a third-party automated voice-to-text service without your knowledge or permission, often compromising security.

What is Philips Speechlive?

Philips Speechlive is an Australian cloud hosted dictation and transcription solution. 

It allows your recorded audio (from the free Philips Speechlive app, a physical digital dictaphone or voice recorder (any brand), recorded directly into Philips Speechlive via a browser on Mac or Windows or from an audio file recorded on your computer) to be either:


  1. Shared with an in-house transcription typist or transcription team
  2. Sent to voice-recognition for automated voice-to-text conversion (best suited to audio with only one person speaking)
  3. Sent to the Philips Speechlive outsourced transcription services

In this blog post we are focussing on option 3.

What is the Philips Speechlive Transcription Service?

Philips, a trusted name in the medical and dictation world, manage a large number of professional transcription services typists, yes real people, who transcribe huge amounts of digital audio daily. Philips have taken the hassle out of finding a good, reliable transcription service for you by building in their transcription service as an option in Philips Speechlive. You decide what audio goes to the transcription typing service and you will know the price and turnaround time for your audio to be transcribed.

The solution is perfect for those looking to fill a gap while their usual transcription typist is away or for those looking to replace and existing outsourced transcription service perhaps due to reliability or consistency issues.

Fast Accurate Reliable Voice-to-Text Transcription Services

Doctors/lawyers if you have digital dictation you can use the Philips Speechlive app to record your letters and notes. Or use your existing physical Philips or Olympus digital dictaphone and upload the audio.

Have you recorded a soundbite or interview on your phone or using a digital voice recorder? Just upload the audio directly to your Philips Speechlive account.

The Philips transcription services typists will transcribe your audio with 99%+ accuracy and when complete will upload to your Philips Speechlive account for you to securely collect.

Simply download your completed document with your audio transcribed. Easy three step process.

How Much Does Philips Speechlive Transcription Service Cost?


$1.99 /min excl. GST

24-hour turn around
for up to 120 min audio



5-hour turn around
for up to 25 min audio

2 speakers: $3.50/min

3 speakers: $4.49/min

4-5 speakers: $4.89/min

6+ speakers: $5.90/min

99%+ Transcription Accuracy

Philips trained professionals transcribe your files with 99%+ accuracy, 100% done by humans.

Fast Turnaround Time

Focus on your core competencies and let the Philips trained transcription typists take care of your documentation. ​

Multiple Speakers​

Yes the Philips Speechlive transcription typing service can handle transcription of audio recordings containing multiple speakers with time stamps and speaker tracking.

Guaranteed Security

Philips keep your confidential data safe. Our transcription typists work in professional office spaces with secure technology.

Want to try Philips Speechlive for free?

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