Philips Audio has released a new digital dictation app for iOS specifically for subscribers of their popular SpeechLive Service.


New Philips SpeechLive Digital Dictation Voice Recording iOS App

The app has been redesigned for a slicker more intuitive dictation experience with one key change a simple one, the big red record button is in the middle. So now if you are left or right-handed and manage one of the larger iPhones you can easily tap record with one hand.


Whats New in the Philips SpeechLive iOS App v1.0.0

Additionally, images can now be added to dictation files. This has been a long-standing request for many authors for some time. 

We have personally spoken with surgeons, forensic investigators, real estate agents and lawyers over the years who would like this functionality. 

With the new Philips SpeechLive App you can add multiple images (up to 30Mb in size total) to include with your dictation audio and available for the SpeechLive typist to include in documents or load into systems like Genie.

The original dictation app, Philips Recorder, will still continue to support SpeechLive along with Dictation Hub.

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