Upgrade from SpeechExec v10

Philips SpeechExec v10 software on Windows is due to go end-of-support on 10th November 2020. End of Support means that there will be no more updates, fixes or patches (essential for keeping your software secure) for that version of the software and will no longer be supported by Philips Australia or their dealers.

Customers who have SpeechExec v10 will need to upgrade to either SpeechExec Pro v11 (Dictate & Transcribe) or SpeechLive.

The SpeechExec v11 and SpeechLive licence model is now subscription-based, SpeechExec Pro v11 licences last for 2 years and SpeechLive for one year. By switching to this model you future-proof your software as it will also includes the latest updates and upgrades.

With the legacy desktop software, you had to choose between an author or transcription license. SpeechExec subscription with SpeechLive gives you the freedom to change the user role if your requirements change.

You can install the desktop software on as many computers as you like, using it on one computer at a time.

Philips SpeechExec subscription from Dictate Australia offers a one-year or two-year subscription option whereas the desktop version is only available for two years.

Software licenses are now assigned to individual users, not to individual PCs, giving you the freedom to work from your desktop at work or from a laptop off-site.

You don’t need to renew your subscription plans separately for individual solutions anymore. It occurs simultaneouly on the same date.

Your SpeechExec license is now linked to your email address. Sign-up is only needed once to use both the solutions. There is no need to use separate IDs.

Dragon speech recognition software from Nuance can be seamlessly connected. Receive accurate results to accelerate your workflow.

Use your Olympus RS-28H or RS-31H model foot control with your Philips speech-to-text software for your transcription needs.

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Philips SpeechExec Dictation Transcription Software Windows 10 Compatibility Chart

Upgrade to SpeechExec Pro v11 - SAVE 50%

Want to upgrade to SpeechExec Pro v11 Dictate or Transcribe? For each v10 licence you upgrade you will receive a 50% discount on your new SpeechExc Pro v11 licence. SpeechExec Pro v11 licences last for two year.

Contact us to confirm your v10 licence keys and to receive your checkout coupon code for your 50% saving. 

SpeechExec Pro licences last for two years. SpeechExec can be installed on multiple computers, perfect for these COVID times where you may be working from home more that you or in the office or practice.

Upgrade to SpeechLive - SAVE 25%

Want to upgrade from SpeechExec v10 to SpeechLive? For each v10 licence you upgrade you will receive a 25% discount on your new SpeechLive licences. SpeechLive licences last for one year.

SpeechLive is Philips’ cloud dictation and transcription solution hosted in Australia. Contact us to confirm your v10 licence keys and to receive your checkout coupon code for 25% saving.

With your SpeechLive account, as an Author, you can continue to use your favourite digital dictaphone to dictate (Philips or Olympus) and upload your audio to the SpeechLive cloud to be processed. Processed can be either collected by your transcription typist or automatically converted from voice to text using Speech Recognition or sent to the Philips outsource transcription team. True dictation versatility for when you need it.

With a SpeechLive Typist account you can connect your locally installed SpeechExec Pro Transcribe software and auto-collect audio sent to the SpeechLive system.

Working remotely? No problem, just find an internet-connected computer, Windows or Mac, plug in your USB foot pedal (Philips or Olympus) and transcribe audio via a web browser.

The Philips Dictation Australia loyalty offer runs until 31st October, 2020.

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