Philips Transcription Software for Windows 10 – Free Trial

Do You Need To Transcribe Digital Dictation, Meetings or Interviews?

Then to be the most productive you need transcription software on your PC to help you playback and listen to your audio while you type. Philips, leaders globally in the digital dictation and transcription space, has transcription software designed to make the job of transcription typing intuitive and easy.

Click here to download the SpeechExec Pro Transcribe installer for Windows from the Philips Australia website

Click here to download the SpeechExec Pro Transcribe User Manual

What is transcription software?

Transcription typing software facilitates the playback of audio on your Windows PC, it allows you to control the speed of the audio playback so that you can adjust to your own personal typing abilities. It also lets you configure, at the touch of a button or tap of a foot pedal the amount of time audio is rewound to let you catch up or re-listen to the last few words. Finally, the most important feature, it sits in the background allowing you to transcribe in your favourite application whether that is Word, an email, Genie or anywhere you can type without the need to constantly switch between audio playback window and transcription typing window, a huge time saver.

Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe screenshot
Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe on your PC

Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe Software

Introducing Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe software. It does all of the above and more and you can try it for free on your Windows PC or laptop for 30 days.

SpeechExec Pro Transcribe supports the following and most common audio formats:

  • .ds2 (DSS Pro) popular with medical and legal authors and supports both encrypted and non-encrypted files
  • .dss (DSS Standard) and older version of .ds2
  • .wav (Open format, i.e. non-proprietary audio format)
  • .mp3 (Open format, i.e. non-proprietary audio format)
  • .wma (Open format, i.e. non-proprietary audio format also known as Windows Media Audio) 

Step 1. Simply download and install the software. When you run SpeechExec Pro Transcribe for the first time you will be prompted for either your SpeechExec Pro Transcribe Licence Key (LFH4512) or your SpeechLive account login (for your Typist SpeechLive licence) or you can start the free 30 day-trial:

Expand the section below to see what to do with the SpeechExec Pro Transcribe installer zip file once downloaded.

Download the latest SpeechExec Pro Transcribe v11 installer files from the Philips Australia website. By clicking this link -> <- a zip file will be downloaded. The file is approximately 500mb in size.

Extract the contents of the zip file to a local directory on your PC, e.g. under a folder in your Downloads directory is fine.

Extract SpeechExec pro Zip File

With the zip file extracted locally, navigate to the folder where the files were extracted to and find the setup.exe file.

You need to select the setup.exe file (single click) first, then right-click on the file to find “Run as Administrator“.

SpeechExec Pro setup.exe Run as Administrator animation


Allow the application to make changes to your PC and the software will then be installed. When you run SpeechExec Pro Transcribe for the first time the Welcome to SpeechExec screen below is shown. Click 30-day free trial.

How to install SpeechExec Pro Transcribe LFH4512 in free trial mode

Step 2. Complete the SpeechExec Pro Transcribe online registration form (looks like below) and tick the privacy and consent conditions on the following page.

Register for SpeechExec Pro Transcribe v11 Free Trial for Windows

Step 3. You will see the SpeechExec licence activation screen and very soon afterwards will receive an email from Philips asking you to verify and activate your SpeechExec Pro Transcribe trial. Remember to check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive to your inbox within a few minutes.

SpeechExec Pro Transcribe free trial confirmation screenshot

Step 4. Click the Verify and Activate link in the email from Philips. Note in the email is a link for “Where to Buy” for when your trial is complete. We hope we have helped and want to help you and your business going forward. So please talk to Dictate Australia for all your digital dictation and transcription needs and questions. Advice is always friendly and free.

Verify your Speech Profile Account Philips Email

What happens at the end of the 30-day free trial?

We recommend that you don’t wait until the trial has expired to acquire your SpeechExec Pro Transcribe licence, a week prior is a good time to ensure you get your licence before your trial ends so that you can keep working.

When it comes to a licence for SpeechExec Pro Transcribe there are two options:

If you plan to receive audio via email, shared cloud drive link (like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc) for multiple clients or authors then a SpeechExec Pro Transcribe licence key is for you. The key will last for two years and you will be entitled to any software upgrades during that time. 

SpeechExec Pro Transcribe licences are $189 incl. GST for two years.


SpeechLive is Philips cloud dictation and transcription solution. Audio can be sent to SpeechLive from the Philips Voice Recorder App, from a Philips dictaphone, from a Philips SpeechAir device or audio can be uploaded to SpeechLive from any digital voice recorder.

The person sending the audio known as an Author selects to have their audio sent to you the typist. A Typist SpeechLive licence is required which allows you to either collect the audio automatically in your SpeechExec Pro Transcribe software or you can transcribe the audio directly in the SpeechLive website, on any PC or Mac.

SpeechLive licences (Author and Typist) are $199 each incl. GST and last for one year.

Can I Install On More Than One Computer?

Yes ! I bet you didn’t expect that answer? Whether you buy a SpeechExec licence or a SpeechExec Pro Transcribe licence you can install and use the Philips transcription software on many computers. The only limitation is that you can only have one session running at a time. So if you transcribe in the office then go home and work from there, no problem. If you work out of two it three offices, no problem as you will only use your licence for one session at a time. This is a big plus for Philips and a big time and cost saver for you. One licence, multiple installs for one user.

What about a transcription foot pedal?

Using transcription software to control audio playback can be done using hot-keys (assigning Function keys, for example, to act as stop/play/rewind) or you can use a more traditional transcription foot pedal and control that audio playback with a tap of your foot.

If you would like to use a USB transcription foot switch then you need the Philips ACC2330 typing pedal. If you are going to transcribe just using SpeechLive then this pedal can be used on any PC or Mac to transcribe audio in your SpeechLive account via a browser. The pedals are $176 incl. GST with free delivery anywhere in Australia.

If you would like to use a USB transcription foot pedal with SpeechExec Pro Transcribe on your Windows PC then you can buy a Philips Transcription Kit LFH7277 which includes the pedal, the SpeechExec Pro Transcribe software licence and a transcription typing headset. The kit is $378.50 incl. GST and is delivered free anywhere in Australia.

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