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Philips voice recorder app using Dictation Hub to send audioPhilips Voice Recorder App + Dictation Hub

When you download and install the Philips Voice Recorder App from the iOS App Store or Google Play the first thing you will be shown is how to record your dictation audio.

Perhaps you are a doctor or a lawyer looking for a more versatile way to dictate rather than using the physical handheld dictaphone, sat in a dock, on your desk connected to your Mac or Windows PC. With the Philips Voice Recorder App you can dictate anytime from anywhere on the one device you always carry, your smartphone.


Dictation Hub – 30-day Free Trial Setup

One of the Sending Options in the Philips Voice Recorder app is Dictation Hub. This is an easy to configure subscription service that will deliver your dictation audio, quickly and securely, via email to typically your transcription typist. Although you can also send the audio just to yourself and forward it on.

Step 1. Select Dictation Hub

In the Philips Voice Recorder App navigate to Settings and the tap Sending Options where you will see these options:

Step 2. Enter Your Details

The next screen introduces Dictation Hub:

Welcome to SpeechExec dictation hub

SpeechExec dictation hub is a service that delivers your audio files via e-mail from a Blackberry, Android or iPhone device to SpeechExec workflow software.

SpeechExec dictation hub offers:

  • Delivery of audio files to SpeechExec workflow software
  • Audio file conversion into DSS, MP3 or WAV audio format
  • Keyword routing
  • Optional encryption of audio files
  • Secure delivery of audio files via https

Try SpeechExec dictation hub 30 days free of charge by completing this wizard!

The audio file formats .DSS, .MP3 and .WAV can be transcribed in most good transcription software like Philips SpeechExec Transcribe, Olympus ODMS R7 Transcription Module, NCH Express Scribe, Genie etc. We recommend you select .DSS.

Then enter your details; your email address, your initials (so that your typist reognises who the audio is from) and who to send to, their email address:

Philips Voice Recorder App Settings Sending Options Dictation Hub TrialPhilips Voice Recorder App Settings Sending Options Dictation Hub Trial

Step 3. -Send Us Your Philips Account Number

You will receive an automated email from Philips with the subject:

Welcome to the SpeechExec Dictation HUB

The email contains detail of the device that is connected to the trial licence and most importantly your Philips Customer Number

Philips Dictation Hub 30 day free trial Customer Number Email

Please email your customer number to us (sales@dictate.com.au) to let us know that you have started the trial. We will be able to assist you, for free, with any questions or help with the setup of your app.

At the end of the trial you have the choice to either do nothing and let the trial lapse or if you like dictating via your smartphone buy a licence so that you can continue. Licences run for one year and cost $189 incl. GST for unlimited dictations 24×7.

Depending on your smartphone type, iOS or Android, defines which licence you need:

When you purchase a licence we will email your licence key which can be input into the Philips Voice Recorder App to activate your one-year of Dictation Hub.

Philips has two subscription models for people who need to dictate for their job and for most digital dictation is an essential tool. The subscription models are described in detail in our blog post – Philips Voice Recorder App – Two Subscription Models for Mobile Dictation.

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