You have been trialling the state of the art Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution and your trial is soon to come to an end. What next?

You have two options. You can buy a subscription from Philips Australia directly, in which case you are on your own in terms of setup. Or you can buy your subscription from us and benefit from fast, free and friendly advice.

Does it cost more to buy SpeechLive from Dictate Australia?

No. It actually costs a little less, Philips SpeechLive pricing is $15.94 per month which over one year equates to $191.28 per user Author or Typist. We charge $189 incl. GST for a one-year subscription with support thrown in.

Philips Australia Pro Audio Dealer Support

As one of the few Philips Professional digital audio dealers in Australia you benefit from our years of experience. Whether you are an Olympus or Philips user we have you covered. We run a mix of Mac and Windows in the office and run iPhone and Android so we know the apps.

Sounds Good, What Next?

Simply email your SpeechLive account id to us and we will contact Philips Australia and let them know that you want your SpeechLive managed by Dictate Australia. Not sure where to find your SpeechLive account id? In your original SpeechLive signup email or the email that alerted you to the trial coming to an end you will find your Philips SpeechLive Account Id.

If you have multiple users we can help get them all under the one account and create the various dictation workflows from Author to Typist for you.

Our email address is

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