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Philips SpeechLive Free Trial FAQs

How does the SpeechLive 30-day trial work?

Simply register your details with Philips Australia which will alert us to your request. We will then be in touch to discuss:

  • How many users you need configured, authors and typists
  • What workflows you need, i.e. author to typist relationship
  • How to configure your smartphone to link to your trial account

Click this link to register:  dictat.es/speechlive-trial

Is it really free, what’s the catch?

No catch it is really free. Each Author (person dictating) gets full access to dictate as many audio files as they like on their smartphone 24×7 for 30 days.

Audio can be collected anytime via the SpeechLive web portal by both Authors and Typists.

Typists can download audio and transcribe locally or use a Philips footpedal and transcribe direct in any browser on any computer. No specialised expensive transcription software to install on local PCs or Macs.

Are there any SpeechLive support costs?

No. We never charge to support you and your business using the SpeechLive system. Questions, advice and configuration changes are all included in the subscription price, if you decide to go ahead after the 30 day trial.

What Can I Do On The SpeechLive Trial?

You will be able to dictate audio on your smartphone using the Philips Voice Recorder App, send that to SpeechLive for your typist to collect and process. You can also try the automated Speech Recognition service to convert your voice to text for you.

You have the use of up to 10 licences in the trial. We can help you configure these for both your Authors (people dictating) and Typists. We can also give your practice or office manager access to manage and view the licences and setup workflows for you, ie. whose audio goes to whom.

You can also upload audio directly from a digital voice recorder to SpeechLive, either a Philips dictaphone via the SpeechExec Pro Dictate software or an Olympus dictaphone using the upload option in the SpeechLive website.

What is the SpeechLive Speech Recognition Option?

Included with each of your Author trial accounts you get 100 free minutes of automated voice-to-text. After you dictate on your smartphone with the Philips Recorder App the send options will be to send to either SpeechLive or Speech Recognition.

Sending to SpeechLive will alert your typist of the audio file.

Sending to Speech Recognition will convert your audio to text. This can either be returned to you via email, collected via the SpeechLive web portal or passed to your typist to proofread. Proofreading already transcribed audio significantly reduces the manual transcription time and cost.

Speech Recognition on a standard One Year SpeechLive Advanced Business Licence costs .43c per minute and you get 10 minutes of free speech-to-text per month on the paid licence. You choose which files are auto transcribed for you, e.g. urgent dictation.

Buying Additional Speech Recognition Time

Once you move onto a full SpeechLive Advanced Business licence you may want to take full advantage of the automated voice recognition functionality. You do get 10 audio minutes included but what if you need more? You will need to pre-pay for audio minutes, the minimum being 100 minutes. You buy these through us, just email us and we can invoice you or purchase from our online store, click here. We will then allocate those minutes to your account for you to use. 100 pre-paid audio minutes for automated voice-to-text costs $43 incl. GST.

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